Wednesday, September 2, 2015


So a few things have changed since my last "life update"... Some good changes! I scheduled a throat scope to try and see what was wrong with my stomach because I had been getting stomach aches not only with gluten and dairy and what not.. but also simple things like fruit! It was pretty frustrating.. But before I went ahead and scheduled it I started to cut out processed food and sugar and I felt SO good! The stomach aches for none allergy things went away and I started to feel pretty descent. I went ahead and scheduled the appointment just to see what the nurse had to say and she said I needed to eat gluten for two weeks. I was scared to be in so much pain for two weeks but I went ahead and ate a donut..and another one..and  a bagel..and some pasta.. And no stomach ache! For dairy or gluten!

So. I don't know if God healed me or my cutting out bad food healed my gut. But I'm very happy! I'm still going to eat the same..but now am going to include things like quinoa and oats which I couldn't handle before!  Very excited :)